Freelance retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work.

Hello, my name is Borislava and I am freelance retoucher based in Denmark.

Over the past 6 years I've used my experience in digital retouching to help clients all over the world bring their photos and ideas to life.

I have always tried to work with passion and pay attention to every little detail throughout my freelance career as a retoucher. I am enthusiastic of what I do, and I think that this is essential for everyone who wants to excel at something - the important thing is to be passionate about it.

Being a self-taught retoucher, who works alone, I've mastered many skills, and learned important lessons such as realizing that creative, freelance work doesn’t come without its obstacles! Obstacles such as time management and working to tight deadlines are important in any industry, but the biggest challenges lie in communication and maintaining good working

connections with the clients. In all my work, I have enjoyed these challenges and used them to nourish my ambition and maintain my own high standard.

Working alone with different types of clients and projects also taught me that being creative and improving an image following your own judgment is just as important as being able to strictly follow client’s guidelines and style/personality. Every project is unique and taking into consideration the media it’s going to be presented on and its target is the key to its success.

If you like my work, send me an e-mail using the contact form on my website and I'll respond back as soon as possible.